About us

ScotCRN Young Persons Advocacy Group was formed in 2008 and is a group of senior school  pupils, (11-18) who are patients and/or have an interest in clinical research.  They receive training in trial design, drug discovery, consent and assent, the rights of children, research governance  and ethics.  They meet 8-10 times a year and review clinical trial protocols, patient documentation and information. 


The group have been involved in several investigator lead projects from their initial concept, assisting in the protocol design, patient documentation/tools and recruitment strategies. They have worked with industry partners and researchers to give their advice and opinions on many projects including clinical trials, ethical reviews, innovations and involvement of young people.

In 2018 ScotCRN hosted the International Children's Advocacy Network International summit  which brought together 160 CYP from 19 YPAG's around the world to a week of interactive workshops, lectures and educational activities.  Highlights from the week can be viewed in the video below.

For information about ScotCRN YPAG  contact p.dicks@abdn.ac.uk