About us

In 2015, Kids France was initiated as part of the International Children’s Advisory Network (ICAN), through RIPPS network (Réseau d’Investigation Pédiatrique des Produits de Santé).  Kids France is a founder member of eYPAGnet.

KIDS France is an advisory group of young people focused on understanding, communicating and improving the process of medical innovation for children. Towards Better medicines for children!

As of today, 14 young persons, aged 11 to 18 years old, are part of Kids. They are trained to clinical research and clinical development by Health professionals working in the field of clinical research in the Hospitals of Lyon (Hospices Civils de Lyon). The group meets once a month to review clinical research documents, works on local or national projects, advises on young patients’ documents, communicates its own point of view, creating support to better understand clinical development or raise awareness on some particular diseases or considerations within diseases. Young members participate to national and international meetings. Kids France is particularly involved in the field of rare diseases.

Contact: Segolene Gaillard – segolene.gaillard@chu-lyon.fr