About Us

The European Young Person’s Advisory Group Network (eYPAGnet) provides a platform for CYP to have a voice within Europe and provide their opinions, and experience to a variety of issues in clinical trials, such as relevant end points, protocol design, formulations, age appropriate information and patient tools.


The YPAG's all include young people aged 11-19 years who are patients, regular attenders at hospital and/or have an interest in science, healthcare and children's rights. They are all facilitated by a professional involved in a clinical research facility or children's hospital. 

eYPAGnet provides a centralised point of contact and creating a platform on which investigators and industry can access the opinions of young people in a manner that is regulated with standard contracts, confidentiality agreements, agreed payments for services and is ethically sound. 

The goals of eYPAGnet are:

  1. Improve the capacity of collaboration between CYP, patients and stakeholders who participate in the research process and development of innovative drugs.

  2. Promote the planning and development of clinical research initiatives for children at the European level.

  3. Unify the curriculum of training programs for CYP, young patients and facilitators of YPAG's.

  4. Promote and support the creation of new groups.

  5. Empower young people to have a voice in Europe that is valued.

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