The European Young Person's Advocacy Group (eYPAGnet) is a virtual consortium of existing YPAG's in Europe and was founded by the following groups: 

GenerationR (England)

Kids Barcelona

Kids France

ScotCRN (Scotland)

The network was established to support the development of new YPAG's within Europe, and to provide the necessary infrastructure to support meaningful and valued involvement of children and young people (CYP) in clinical trial design and health research. 


eYPAGnet provides a single, centralised point of contact for the collaboration of YPAG's with the relevant working parties of the European Medicines Agency including European Network of Paediatric Research networks (EnprEMA) and the Paediatric Committee (PDCO) and with European Initiatives including Conect4Children and PEDCRIN.  


eYPAGnet also provides support in the training of CYP and coordinators of YPAG's to ensure a high standard of understanding of clinical trial design, ethics and research methodology.